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MarkView Connector - MVImportAPI.MVImportException - ORA-01843 not a valid month

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Applies To

  • ERP System: All
  • MarkView Version: 6.5 and higher


Batches move to Quality Control and report an error similar to:

Export Error: Script #1 (Kofax MarkView Export Connector) [0 MVImportAPI.MVImportException: ORA-01843: not a valid month
ORA-06512: at 'MARKVIEW.MV_IMP_GENERIC', line 344
ORA-06512: at line 8
ORA-06512: at 'SYS.DBMS_SQL', line 1825
ORA-06512: at '...

Known Causes

  • The scan station Regional & Language settings has been changed and the date format no longer matches the format expected by the Import XSL Transform File used by MVImportAPIConfig.exe (by default KofaxCapture82Generic.xslt).
  • A batch class has been modified to use a different MVimportAPI Instance, in its Export Connector Export Settings, and the Import XLS Transform (xslt) file that is associated with the Instance has a different date format.
  • The xslt file that is used by an MVimportAPI Instance is replaced by one that does not have the same date format. For example, some Fix Packs, Service Packs or new Releases may include new versions of the xslt file, and in that event, application of the update may lead to this error.


  • If the issue occurs on batches from a specific scan station, the most common resolution is to change the date format indicated in the scan station Regional & Language settings (normally by comparing it to a working scan station) to ensure it matches the expected format in the Import XLS Transform File used by MVImportAPIConfig.exe. To do so, review the Regional & Language settings from the control panel on the scan station used to scan the batches and check the settings are the same as in other working scan stations. Normally, this is set to US date format.
  • If the issue is not isolated to one machine, or if the Regional Settings have already been verified, the xslt file should be checked to confirm it has not been changed. To find the xslt file for a batch class, you must first check the Export Connector configuration for that batch class in Kofax Capture Administration. To do so, open the Batch Class in Batch Manager, expand the Document Class and click on ’Export Connectors…’, then click on ‘Setup’. The Instance value in the ‘Export Settings’ section indicates the MVImportConfig Instance. You can then launch MVImportAPIConfig.exe on the machine that is running the Kofax Capture Export module. Select the Instance, click on Preferences and then select the Import tab. This displays the names and locations for the xslt files.

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