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MarkView All Components - How do I determine my MarkView Version

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Applies To

  • MarkView Version: All Versions

Determining MarkView Version

  • In certain situations Kofax Technical Support will need to know the exact versions of the MarkView Database Objects in your environment in order to troubleshoot cases.
    • Technical Support Diagnostic Tools
      • The Support Diagnostic Tools are the preferred method for retrieving version information (via MarkView Home -> Support -> Version Information. 
      • This latest version of the MarkView Technical Support Diagnostic Tools are available from the MarkView Quick Links page.
    • SQL*Plus
      • Although the Support Tools version output contains additional information, in certain situations where the Support Diagnostic Tools are not available you can run the following in SQLPlus in the MARKVIEW schema, to get the version information

spool version.txt;

set serverout on size 10000;

exec MV_VERSION.showall;

exec SF_VERSION.showall;

spool off;