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MarkView All Components - Export MarkView database schema on 10g and later

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How can I create a database export of the MarkView schema on a 10g or later Oracle database for delivery to Kofax?

The attached script "export_markview_schema_design.sql" should be used to generate a data pump export file and related log. When executed as the MarkView schema owner or a DBA, this script will create a design-time data export of the MarkView schema. This export file along with an export log file will be created in the specified Oracle Directory. The script itself will also generate a log (named "create_markview_schema.log") in the working directory where the script is run.

To execute the script

  1. Log in to SQL*Plus via a command line interface as the MarkView schema owner or DBA. This script will NOT work using the Windows SQL*Plus interface.
  2. Execute the script and provide the requested information. You will be asked to provide the following:
    • The name of the MarkView schema that should be exported.
    • The Oracle Directory to which the file should be exported. The database user must have read/write access to the selected directory. A list of available directories will be provided during execution.
    • The name of the export file. Make sure the file does not already exist in the provided export directory.
  3. After execution, check the log files for any errors. You can ignore errors for missing tables; not every MarkView schema has the same components.

When you are satisfied with the export, please provide the following information:

  1. The name of the MarkView schema that was exported.
  2. The name of the data and index table spaces from the exported MarkView schema.
  3. The export dump file, and corresponding export log (located in the selected Oracle Directory).
  4. The script log generated during export (located in the working directory in which the script was run).

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