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MarkView All Components - MarkView and Oracle RAC


Does Kofax support or certify the MarkView system when it is installed and configured in an Oracle RAC environment? 3993

Kofax supports the installation and configuration of MarkView in an Oracle RAC environment provided that the particular ERP Suite/RAC/OS configuration is also fully certified by Oracle. Based on current information provided by Oracle, the RAC architecture is application-independent and therefore Kofax does not anticipate unique issues when running our products on RAC.

Kofax cannot predict or assume responsibility for problems encountered using RAC that are caused by differences in behavior of the database from a non-RAC implementation. However, customers with fully-paid software support agreements may log incidents with Kofax Technical Support, and Technical Support will attempt to diagnose and resolve the issue. If Support determines that the issue is related to RAC, Support will recommend that the customer log a TAR with Oracle and resolve the RAC issue before proceeding to diagnose and resolve the issue from a MarkView perspective. Also, if RAC prevents Support from properly diagnosing the issue, Support will request that the customer replicate the issue without the use of RAC.

Keywords: rac, Oracle