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MarkView All Components - Purging or Archiving MarkView Data in the MarkView Schema

Does Kofax provide a method to purge or archive existing MarkView data? 3896
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Applies To

  • ERP System: Oracle, Peoplesoft, SAP
  • MarkView Version: All Versions

Data Purge or Archiving utilities for the MarkView Schema

  • Currently, Kofax does not provide data purge or archive utilities as part of our products and solutions.
  • The data in the MarkView system may involve an organization's financial transactions, and so auditing requirements usually dictate maintaining that data indefinitely.
  • Note: There are two tables used for logging purposes only, MV_LOG_OUTPUT and MVCN_OPERATION_DEBUG. You may see a recommendation to purge these tables in the Support-> Performance information page. As these tables are only used for logging, this is safe to do. You can also turn off logging to these tables by setting the preferences MV_LOG_LEVEL to OFF and CONNECTOR_DEBUG_MODE to FALSE.