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MarkView All Components - Purging or Archiving MarkView Data in the MarkView Schema

Does Kofax provide a method to purge or archive existing MarkView data? 3896
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Does Kofax provide a method to purge or archive existing MarkView data? 3896

Applies To

  • ERP System: Oracle, Peoplesoft, SAP
  • MarkView Version: All Versions

Data Purge or Archiving utilities for the MarkView and Advisor Schemas

  • Currently, Kofax does not provide data purge or archive utilities as part of our products and solutions. The data in the MarkView system may involve an organization's financial transactions, and so auditing requirements usually dictate maintaining that data indefinitely.

Deletion of RunTime Data in your MarkView environment

  • MarkView Versions 5.10.x and previous
    • Kofax does provide a runtime data deletion script to be used solely for instance migrations. Never use this script in a production environment. The runtime data purge script in MarkView version
      5.5.1 is named mv_delete_runtime.sql, and it is shipped with the MarkView Upgrade CD in the "MarkView Core Database Objects" directory. It is currently compatible with MarkView Version 4.7 to
      5.10.x and it deletes from all Kofax product runtime tables. Because this script uses "delete", depending on the amount of runtime data, it may require large rollback segments to run in a system with a large quantity of runtime data.
      The script sometimes generates the following error message, which you can ignore:
      table or view does not exist
      As previously mentioned, this script will delete ALL runtime data. Be sure this script is executed by the appropriate Oracle Database Administrator. Furthermore, make sure that the Oracle DBA executes this script in a development or test environment and never in production.

WARNING: There is no way to rollback the changes once the script has been committed.
Kofax will support the use of this script, but we do not support any issues encountered due to the deletion of data by this script.

  • MarkView Versions 6.x and higher
  • Kofax does not provide runtime deletion scripts for MarkView 6.x and higher.

Deletion of RunTime Data in your Advisor environment

  • In certain scenarios it may be necessary to cleardown the data in the Advisor schema and re-run the cold-sync process. Please see the following Support Web Answer for additional information on this.

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