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Are direct updates to the MarkView Database Data supported via SQL*Plus SQL Scripts or other tools?

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  • Are direct updates to the MarkView Database Data supported, via SQL*Plus, SQL Scripts or other tools?
  • What tables can be inserted, updated or deleted manually?
  • If a MarkView user leaves the organization, should the the account in MarkView be deleted from mv_user_profile?


In general, Kofax does NOT support direct updates to the database.

Manual updates to design or runtime data creates the potential for major data corruption for a number of reasons:

  1. Manual updates can inadvertently break referential data integrity:
    There is significant referential integrity with the MarkView database schema, implemented with both database foreign keys and application business logic, and manual updates may cause errors for some time after the manual data change.
  2. Manual updates do not call the same API as user interfaces:
    With subsequent releases of MarkView base tables can be changed to views, and callouts are added to APIs, to enhance the system and provide better referential integrity. Because manual updates do not call the same API stack, they can cause future supportability problems.
  3. Manual updates / deletes can cause cascading deletes:
    In certain versions of MarkView deletes of user records caused cascading deletes of workflow history information, document markup information and document data.

For these reasons, manual changes to MarkView data can only be made under the direct supervision and instruction of a Kofax Support Analyst or Consultant.

In general, Kofax provides a user interface within the application system to set the data accordingly.

For instance:

  • To handle the situation when a user leaves an organization, use Alternate User Assignment to assign all of the items that the user is responsible for to another user in the organization, then set the Disable Date for the user in MarkView Administration.

If it is not clear how to handle a situation with the User Interface, check with Kofax Technical Support.

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