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Instructions for starting DBMS_Job for the MarkView Document Export server


How do you start?DBMS_Job for the MarkView Document Export server? How do you confirm that it is up? 4017
  1. Start the Export Server:
    To start the Export server, call mv_export_admin.CreateJob using code similar or identical to the following:
        JobID Binary_Integer;
    --- Start up the Export Server.
        mv_export_admin.CreateJob(Job => JobID,
        ServerName => 'MY_SERVER',
        StartTime => sysdate,
        PollingInterval => 5,
        CommitWork => true,
        UseFileLogging => true,
        LogNormalMessages => true,
        LogDirectory => ’/tmp/ExportServer’,
        LogFilename => ’MyExportServer.log’
  2. Lifetime of Server:
    The Export server will stay up until you explicitly terminate it by calling mv_export_admin.RemoveJob. Because CreateJob is a wrapper around DBMS_JOB, the Export server will automatically restart when the database restarts.
  3. Confirming that Server is Still Up
    Since CreateJob uses the DBMS_JOB infrastructure, a system administrator can determine whether the Export server is still running by issuing the following command and examining the output:
    sql> select job, what from user_jobs;
    When looking at the output of that query, the relevant job is the one that calls the following routine: mv_export_svr.PollAndProcessAll 
    and specifies the relevant server (for example, MY_SERVER).
  4. Terminating the Server
    If you ever need to terminate the server, you must call the mv_export_admin.RemoveJob procedure. This procedure takes only a single argument, which is the job number.
    For example, to terminate the server whose job number is 168, the system administrator would issue the following command:
    sql> begin

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