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MarkView Document Export - What are the recommendations and best practices for partitioning / load balancing MarkView Document Export?


What are the recommendations and best practices for partitioning or load balancing MarkView Document Export? 4152

If users are implementing Document Export or Batch Printing, Kofax recommends partitioning that functionality on a separate MarkView Express and Export Server instance.

Note Well: System Administrators must confirm that each instance of MarkView Export Server meets the minimum requirements per the Chapter 5, 'Middle Tier Requirements' in the 'Planning To Install the MarkView System' guide. A link to the MarkView 5.5 Planning Guide is provided below:

Note: For instructions on load balancing MarkView Express for end users, refer to the Answer for .

Application Partitioning

To partition the MarkView Document Export functionality from MarkView Express, you need to install and configure a separate Mark?View Express and Export Server instance. The steps below will install a new MarkView Express and Content Server instance for all end users, and will make the existing MarkView Express server the default for MarkView Document Export and batch printing.

This configuration requires updating relevant MarkView Preferences.

  1. Create another J2EE container instance, installing the Oracle Containers for J2EE (OC4J) Standalone distribution per Oracle's instructions.
  2. Create an output of your System Preferences - follow the Answer link below:
  3. Install the MarkView Express and Content Server Modules.
    1. Run the MarkView Application Server installer.
    2. Select Custom install type.
    3. Choose the 'Express and Export Server', and the 'Content Server'.

      Note: The installer will update the following MarkView preferences


      This change will mean that all of your Express users will be using the new Express OC4J for viewing images after you install.

  4. Shutdown the original Content Server instance by running
  5. Remove from the script in the original OC4J install.
  6. Set MVAS_EXPORT_BASE_URL to the original URL (for the original Export Server OC4J instance).

Please note:

  1. If you have installed any patches, including the MarkView 5.10.x Patchsets, you will need to reapply the relevant updates (.ear file changes) to the Express and Content servers within your new OC4J home in order to keep your versions consistent.
  2. If you have modified the startup parameters for the Express and Content servers (e.g. start-mvas- or, you should ensure those parameter changes are also applied to the other instances.

Best Practices

As with all major system changes, you should follow industry-standard best practices for enterprise software, as outlined in the Answer below:

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