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MarkView Document Library - Document CheckOut results in ORA-29273; ORA-06512; ORA-12545

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Attempting to check-out a document in MarkView Document Library results in error:

There was an error with your submission. ORA-29273: HTTP request failed ORA-06512: at "SYS.UTL_HTTP", line 1022 ORA-12545: Connect 
failed because target host or object does not exist

I have confirmed that the MarkView Document Transport Module is running on port 8888 by opening a browser and connecting to the default OC4J page.

I have specified the IP address of the MarkView Document Server and the http port (8888) for the MarkView Document Transport Module in the HTTP_TO_DTM volume path in MarkView Administration for the volume of the document in question (path=dtm:

The document in question can be viewed without issue from the MarkView Viewer, so the MarkView Document Transport Module does seem to be functioning for that operation.

Known Causes

MarkView Document Library check-out functionality uses the Oracle's UTL_HTTP package to connect to the MarkView Document Transport Module in order to copy the record's associated document. It looks as if the connection from the DB to the MarkView Document Transport Module cannot complete because the MarkView Document Transport Module cannot respond to the database process involved.


In order to try to fix the behavior, try the following.

  1. Add the fully qualified name of the document server to the database server's local hosts file
  2. Change the MVAS_DTM_BASE_URL preference to include the fully qualified name

After this, check-out should work fine. A problem of this type usually points to the network setup of the DB server, quite probably that it does not have DNS and a default domain setup, so "fixing" that setup should also solve the problem.

Keywords: records, management, upload, TNS, connect failed, admin, check out