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MarkView Document Library - What diagnostic steps should I follow and what information should I gather when there is an issue with MarkView Document Library?

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Applies To

  • MarkView Version: MarkView 5.10.x and higher
  • ERP System : Oracle, Peoplesoft, SAP


  • MarkView Document Library, which is also known as MarkView Records Management, provides the ability to store documents along with associated metadata that is related to those documents and is stored in the MarkView schema.

Troubleshooting Steps


Enable Debug Logging

  • Set the MVRM_ENABLE_TRACE preference to TRUE for a given user and then run MarkView Document Library. This will generate a DB trace file, which you should examine.

Disable Debug Logging

  • Set the MVRM_ENABLE_TRACE preference back to false.

Log File Location

  • This database trace file will be in on the database server in the dump directory that is configured by your DBA .

Impact of Debug Logging

There should be minimal impact to the system if you enable debug logging for a specific user, as it will only create the trace file for that user.

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