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Kofax TIFF File Requirements and Recommendations for Templates

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Kofax TIFF File Requirements and Recommendations for Customers Maintaining and Updating Templates As part of a MarkView Software project or implementation, Kofax Consulting Services may develop or assist with the development of document templates. However, upon completion of the project or implementation, maintenance of the templates is the responsibility of the client. To assist customers with maintenance of such templates, Kofax has compiled a list of file requirements as well as recommendations and best practices for updating and maintaining these templates.

If customers would prefer to engage Kofax directly to maintain or update document templates, they should contact their Kofax Practice Manager.

TIFF File Requirements:

  • Compression: CCITT Group IV (could also have the words "(2d) Fax")
  • Scheme: Black and White
  • Resolutions and Size: Should match those of original template (200-300 dpi)
  • Bit Order: Normal Bit Order (not Reversed)

Recommendations and Points to Note:

  1. A general best practice would be to extract the template tiff file from the document server to use as a template, and make changes using a graphics-editing package.
    Kofax does not specifically recommend one imaging software package over another, but here is some information based on experience:
    1. Photoshop in both Mac and Windows operating systems can open CCIT IV Tiff images, but certain versions do not always allow saving in that format.
    2. The "Imaging" program that comes standard with Windows 2000 and up can convert most TIFF image formats to CCIT IV. CCIT IV Tiff format itself is independent of OS.
  2. In addition to CCIT group 4 compression, images need to be black and white (some imaging tools may change this without informing the user).
  3. Rendering is dependent on the exact pixel size and dpi resolution of the existing template tiff image. Scanning in new images at certain dpi can still present some variation in the positioning due to scan software "image  correction" filters, such as de-skewing and black border removal.
  4. Maintaining the same dimensions for the image is important. In theory customers could change the resolution (as long as the dimensions stay the same), but Kofax recommends same dimensions and resolution as the original - as experience has shown that it can be difficult to maintain the same dimensions when changing the resolution.

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