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MarkView Document Server - Attribute name - e.g. {ATTR3} - Displayed in Document History instead of Markup Text

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Applies To

  • ERP System: Oracle & SAP
  • MarkView Version: 6.5 and above.


When document history is output - for example in a viewer - the text of certain markups is incorrectly output. e.g.:
(USERX) placed "Blue Sticky Note" Markup with text: "{ATTR3}"

Known Causes

The problem occurs with Oracle database version and is the subject of Oracle bug 9036013 - "Result of DECODE() may be incorrectly interpretted as NULL"


  • As explained in the Oracle 9036013 bug report, the problem is resolved by applying one of the following:
    • (Server Patch Set)
    • (Patch Set Update)
    • Bundle Patch 4 for Exadata Database
    • Patch 1 on Windows Platforms

Keywords: markup, "document history", ATTR3