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MarkView ERP Integration - FRM-40654: Record has been updated. Requery block to see change in Invoice Workbench

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Applies To

  • ERP System: Oracle
  • MarkView Version: 7.0 and Higher


  • When attempting to update or remove invoice lines in the Oracle Invoice Workbench, the user receives the following message:
    FRM-40654: Record Has Been Updated By Another User. Re-Query To See Change

Known Causes

  • The MarkView Viewer allows a trailing space to be entered at the end of the description for an invoice line. The Oracle Invoice Workbench does not allow this and if it encounters an invoice line with a description that ends in a trailing space it will display the FRM-40654 error. Therefore, if a MarkView user does enter a line with a description that ends in a trailing space, this FRM-40654 error will appear when attempts are made to edit the line in Workbench.


  • Oracle Support can provide a script that will remove the trailing space on affected lines.
  • It may also possible to write custom code for the Invoice Workbench in Oracle EBS that will remove these trailing spaces.

Keywords: ERP, trailing space, workbench, FRM-40654