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MarkView ERP Integration - Upgrade EBS 11.5.10 - What additional changes and best practices are recommended or required in my MarkView Environment after upgrading to Oracle EBS 11.5.10?

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Applies To

  • ERP System: All
  • MarkView Version: All


We are upgrading Oracle from 11i to 11.5.10.

What additional steps do we need to take with respect to reintegrating MarkView following the upgrade?

Known Causes

Database upgrades my affect the ERP integration to MarkView.


  • The exact steps will depend on which products you have installed. Generally, you only need to worry about integration points where there is version-specific Apps integration code; there are only a few such occurrences.
  • MarkView for Oracle Applications Database Objects
    • Technically no changes are necessary, but for completeness, you can re-create the MVOA_Apps_Util package by running @packages/mvoa_apps_util_pb_11-5-10.sql.
      • The upgrade may remove some of the seed data in the Apps schema, so it may be necessary to rerun mvoa_seed_all.sql. This will ensure that the menus, form functions, and document datatypes still reside in the Apps tables.
  • MarkView Expense Management
    • Back up any existing custom package bodies.
    • Recreate custom package bodies by running the script @custom_package_bodies/mvoa_oie_custom_package_bodies_actions.sql.
    • Run the packages_views script. This will recreate ap_web_oa_custom_pkg with the correct version.
    • In addition to the patches outlined in , for OIE.I and higher, apply the post-5.5 patch mvoaoie patch
    • Redo any integration points that were upgraded, as described in Installing the MarkView System, Chapter 25, "Reintegration Steps After Upgrade to Internet Expenses."
  • MarkView Distribution Form Markup
    • No changes are necessary.
  • MarkView for Accounts Payable
    • No changes are necessary.
  • MarkView ERP Database Objects
    • Rerun the packages_views script to include mverp_user_setup_util for 11.5.10.
    • Run @@triggers/mverp_triggers_oa.sql to include the 11.5.10 version of mverp_resp_ins_upd_trigger.
  • MarkView Oracle Forms Server Components (MVOA Forms and Libraries)
    • No changes are necessary, but the upgrade may overwrite some of the integration points so that they will have to be reapplied, specificall: Changes to shipped forms (APXINWKB / SFXINWKB, APXVDMVD / SFXVDMVD, APXXXEER / SFXXXEER, FNDATTCH
    • Question: We are upgrading Oracle from 11i to 11.5.10. What steps do we need to take with respect to MarkView reintegration following the upgrade?
      • Changes to CUSTOM.pll
      • appsweb.cfg / appsbase.htm
  • MarkView Viewer
    • If you are upgrading to Oracle 11.5.10, you may accompany this upgrade with a change in Jinitiator.
    • Changes to Jinitiator version may also require some changes to the MarkView Viewer configuration.
    • For the Web Edition Viewer, you will need to re-install the Viewer on the desktop after the new version of the Jinitiator has been installed. Be sure to select the appropriate JDK / Jinitiator version for Oracle Apps integration.
    • For the Enterprise Edition Viewer, you will need to adjust the WEBCLNT_JAVA_PLUGIN_CLASS_ID and WEBCLNT_JAVA_PLUGIN_MIME_TYPE preferences to the appropriate values for the new Jinitiator version. Please refer to the 'MarkView Preference Reference' chapter of for a full description of these preferences.

Note: There are no preference changes required if you are using the Enterprise Edition Viewer with the MarkView plugin. For R12 upgrades refer to the Related Articles section.

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