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How do you properly configure all of the values for the MarkView Process Mail Gateway?

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Applies To

  • ERP System: Oracle, SAP, Peoplesoft
  • MarkView Version: All version 5.5 and above


  • After installing the MarkView Process Mail Gateway but am not sure how to configure the Application Function, Completed Action, and WorkItem Class values in the configuration tool. They aren't mentioned anywhere else in the 5.5 admin guide. Are there standard values for these?


  • To configure the values needed for the SQL*Flow / Process Mail Gateway, you will need to either query the database for these values or confirm these values via MarkView Process Designer if you are unsure.
    The Administration Guide states the following:
    • User ID - The user account that your system integrator created to connect to the system to process inbound and outbound messages.
    • Application Function - The application function that your system integrator created to retrieve work items for processing outbound messages. The user retrieving work items must have appropriate privileges. You can use MarkView Process Designer to view available functions.
    • Completed Action - The action that your system integrator created to be invoked on a work item after sending an outbound message. The user must be authorized to use this action with the application function. You can use MarkView Process Designer to view available actions.
    • Work Item Class - The work item class that your system integrator created for outbound messages. You can use MarkView Process Designer to view available work item classes.
  • Typical values for these in a default (vanilla) 5.5/5.10.x environment are as follows:
    • User ID = SQLFLOW_MAIL
    • Application Function = SQL*Flow Mail Gateway
    • Completed Action = Sent Outbound Email
    • Workitem Class = Outbound Email Message
  • Query steps to obtain this information:
    • User ID = select * from sf_user_profile where user_id like '%MAIL%';
    • Application Function = select * from sf_application_function where upper(description) like '%MAIL%';
    • Completed Action = select * from sf_action where upper(description) like '%EMAIL%';
    • Workitem Class = select * from sf_workitem_class where upper(class_name) like '%EMAIL%';
  • Steps to confirm the same information above via Process Designer: 
    • User ID = Navigate to the Admin > Users menu and search for the User ID related to SQLFlow Mail
    • Application Function = Navigate to the Admin > Functions menu and search for the Application Function related to SQLFlow Mail Gateway
    • Completed Action = Navigate to the Admin > Actions menu and search for the Action Description related to Outbound Email
    • Workitem Class = Navigate to the Admin > Workitem Classes menu and expand the Workitem > EMail parent nodes to find the Workitem Class for Outbound Email Messages.

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