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MarkView Process Mail Gateway : Error 9 Received in Log

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Applies To

  • ERP System: ( Oracle, SAP, Peoplesoft)
  • MarkView Version: All effected versions.


  • Error 9

Known Causes

  • Why the issue occurs


  • This message indicates that the SQL*Flow Mail Gateway could not connect to the SMTP Mail Server. Check to make sure that the mail server information configured in Mail Gateway is correct and that the mail server is available on the network. You can also use another mail application such as Outlook Express to verify connectivity to the Mail Server.
    Some SMTP mail servers, such as MS Exchange Server, can be configured with enhanced security settings. These settings will not permit SMTP email from unknown servers. Confirm that the Mail Gateway server has been added to all DNS and DHCP servers, as appropriate.
    Additionally, some third party anti-virus applications may cause this error. Some anti-virus applications may block communication with the SMTP server (thinking it is a program trying to send SPAM). You may need to modify your anti-virus software to exclude the SFMailGatewaySvc.exe process from any port blocking.

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