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MarkView Expense Management - No barcode generated as the expense report was submitted while the barcode server was down.

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Applies To

  • ERP System: Oracle
  • MarkView Version: All versions


An expense report was submitted but no barcode was generated for the report. The confirmation page in Oracle does not show the barcode but instead shows only the "X" broken link icon.

Known Causes

This issue can occur if an expense report was submitted while the MarkView Application Server Barcode Generator Module was down at the time, therefore no barcode can be generated for the report.


Once the MarkView Application Server Barcode Generator Module is back up, steps can be taken to obtain a barcode for the affected expense report. It is assumed the the expense report was entered within the last 30 days. If not, use 'Expenses Search' instead of 'Expenses Entry' in the following steps:

If you want to get the barcode confirmation page again, you should log into SelfService, go to Self Service Time and Expenses --> Expense Entry and there will be an section on the screen called 'Track Submitted Expense Reports'. The expense report should show up here and if you click on the report number (should be hyperlinked), the original barcode confirmation page should come up again.

If this is a question of the expense report has already been faxed in without the barcode coversheet (confirmation page), then it will have to manually reviewed with the Barcode Review or similar workflow in SQL*Flow.



The steps given above are valid for most versions of SelfService. Others will require slightly different steps. In all cases, the expense report should be available through Expenses Search. Alternativley, the Receipt Email Reminder will be sent to employees and the barcode coverpage can be obtained from there.

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