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MarkView Expense Management - Work Item transitions from OIE Deleted Expense Reports queue to Error queue

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Applies To

  • ERP System: Oracle
  • MarkView Version: Versions prior to MarkView 6.1


  • Expense related work items correctly transition to the OIE Deleted Expense Reports queue (in the OIE Expense Reports workflow) when an expense report is deleted, but if a user (for reasons unknown) faxes in receipts for the deleted expense report, the work item transitions from the OIE Deleted Expense Reports queue to the Error Queue.
    The error reported is:
    ORA-20002: 3133: Activity instance 'SQLFLOW_INIT' is not a notified activity for item 'APEXP/45592'.

Known Causes

  • Faxing a receipt for a deleted expense report will cause this behavior.


  • The work item(s) will need to be manually routed back to the OIE Deleted Expense Reports queue. To obtain a route script, please open a High Priority incident with Kofax Support, referencing this Article. Attach the work item history data to the incident.
    If you have installed the Support Diagnostic Tools, you can capture the work item history by clicking on the Support Tab from within MarkView Home. Under that tab, you will have access to enter the workitem instance ID in question, and view all details associated with that entered item. You can then export that history and upload it to the incident.

To prevent this behavior from occurring, MarkView Administrators should instruct any user who submits expense reports that they should not fax receipts in for a deleted expense report.

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