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Markview Expense Management - Hold Pending Receipts status

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Applies To

  • ERP System: Oracle
  • MarkView Version: All Versions


  • Expense Reports stuck with a ‘HOLD PENDING RECEIPTS’ status on the Oracle side.

Known Causes

  • Images not arriving to the MarkView Server.
  • Server or Network issue which has now been corrected.

Troubleshooting Steps

  • Check Pending events in MarkView on Support Tools àDBMS Job Admin and make sure there are no Expense related pending events.
  • Once the Expense Receipts are sent into the system successfully, to confirm they attached successfully to the expense on the Markview side:
    • On MarkView Home -> Support -> Expense Report Search -> Enter Expense Report Header Id
    • The output should display one main Expense workitem in the EXP Expense Reports workflow and at least one receipts workitem in the EXP Expense Report Packets workflow.
    • Once the receipts are attached successfully on the Markview side, the main Expense workitem should transition to Awaiting Approval queue and the receipts workitem should be in Completed Packets queue.
  • Check the iExpense in Status Monitor in APPS for possible error causes
  • Any further issues, open a ticket with Markview Technical Support and provide:
    • Workitem Histories for the related workitems in the EXP Expense Reports and EXP Expense Report Packets workflows
    • Process Manager log file for the Manager that processes Expense events. Please refer to the Logging section in the Process Manager Troubleshooting article for information on logging for these events.

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