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MarkView Export Connector; MarkView Scan - File Exists error

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Applies To

  • ERP System : Oracle, SAP, Peoplesoft
  • MarkView Version: MarkView 5.5 and Higher


The Capture and Output components such as MarkView Scan and the Import Server service will stop processing files and a variation of the following error messages will be seen in the Event Viewer log file or displayed on the screen.

System.IO.IOException: The file exists.
at MVImport.ImageUtils.MultiTIFF2SingleTIFFs(String multiTIFF, String[]& singleTIFFs)
at MVImport.Service1.ProcessFile(String trigger_file_name, String file_mode)
Module: MVEIT
Proc: MvEitDownloadFile
Error: 57
Description: The file exists.

Known Causes

  • This issue is caused by a Windows defect that does not allow temporary files to be deleted properly. When the directory containing the temporary files reaches around 65,000 files, the above error occurs.


  • To resolve this issue, you will need to clear out the folder containing the temporary files. The easiest way to find the directory is to search for *.tmp from Windows. You should find a directory containing a large number of .tmp files. You will want to clear out this folder and then restart the Import Server Service
  • The following directories are common locations where the temporary files may be found.
    • C:\Temp
    • C:\Windows\Temp
    • C:\Documents and Settings\Default User\Temp

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