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Users receive "Request has been denied due to unacceptable characters in the input" error trying to reach MarkView Home page

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Question / Problem: 

When trying to reach MarkView Home, users who are using the Google Chrome or MS Edge browsers may receive the following error message:

Request has been denied due to unacceptable characters in the input

Answer / Solution: 

  • This error is caused by an update to the Google Chrome browser made by Google which puts previously unsupported, double-quote characters ("") in the Chrome's internal HTTP request headers that MarkView doesn't allow.
  • The same issue occurs in newer versions of MS Edge.
  • MarkView has an update which overcomes this browser situation. 
  • It is included in the MarkView fix pack, and the MarkView fix pack.
  • To address the problem, please download and plan to apply the latest fix pack for your MarkView version.
  • Click here for the latest MarkView releases and fix packs.
  • Please subscribe to the MarkView RSS feed for notification when MarkView fix packs are released.

Applies to:  

Product Version
MarkView for Oracle 10.0+



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