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MarkView All Components : Prompted For Authentication Twice When Accessing the MarkView System Applications

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Applies To

  • ERP System: Oracle.
  • MarkView Version: 6.x and above.


  • Users may be prompted twice for authentication credentials.

Known Causes

  • A mismatch among the configuration settings for the MarkView Application Server.


  • The configuration settings for the server are in several places:
    1. There are many MarkView Preferences that specify the various Application Server URLs (such as WEBCLNT_HTTP_BASE_URL, WEBCLNT_APP_SVR_URL, etc.).
    2. The Oracle Application Server http daemon configuration file ($ORACLE_HOME\Apache\Apache\conf\httpd.conf) has many entries that reference the server machine itself.

All entries in all locations need to be consistent with the server as defined in the Domain Name Server (DNS).

To check the settings in the DNS, run nslookup for the Application Server machine from the end-user client machine using all three forms:

  1. nslookup
  2. nslookup mvappserver
  3. nslookup (ipaddress_from_above_tests)

Nslookup will return first the DNS used for the lookup, and then the entry in the DNS.

If any of these nslookups return inconsistent information, you will need to update your DNS to return correctly.?

If any of these nslookups returns a different server name, you must use that name returned by DNS in your httpd.conf file and in the URLs in the MarkView Preferences.

For Example:

If you get:

$ nslookup
Address: ?

Address: ?

then you would need to update the MarkView preferences and httpd.conf file to use "", instead of, because the DNS database is using "appserver".

You must stop and start the Application Server for any changes to httpd.conf and MarkView preferences to take effect.

You must reboot the Application Server machine for any DNS changes to take effect.

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