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MarkView All Components - "Request has been denied" error appears when navigating to a menu item which accesses a different server than MarkView Home itself.

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Applies To

  • ERP System : Oracle, SAP
  • MarkView Version: 6.2.2 and higher


When selecting a menu item from MarkView Home which has a different server name than MarkView Home itself the following error may occur:

Request has been denied due to unacceptable characters in the input.

For example if the MarkView Home URL is and one of your menu items points to this error may occur.

Known Causes

This error is the expected behavior and was added as an additional security measure to help prevent phishing attacks in the MarkView environment.


  • In order to allow a menu item to reach a different server you will need to add an exception for that server. This can be done by adding a system level value for the WEB_URI_WHITELIST preference.
    • Copy the default value of this preference (MV_HOST//*)|(MV_WEB_ROOT//*)
    • Paste the default value into the system preference value
    • Add the specific server as an exception so the value of the preference will be similar to the following:
      • (MV_HOST//*)|(MV_WEB_ROOT//*)|(*)

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