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MarkView Home - Restricting menus

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Applies To

  • ERP System: All ERP Systems
  • MarkView Version: All Versions


  • It is sometimes necessary to restrict access to certain menus in MarkView Home, particularly menus that provide access to administrative functions.


  • Access to menus in MarkView Home is based on User Groups. When you add authorization for a group to access a particular menu, all users in that group will be able to access the menu. Thus in order to restrict access you may either remove authorization for a group (to restrict access for the entire group) or you may remove a specific user from an authorized group.

To remove access for a group:

  • Login to MarkView Home as an administrator
  • Select Administration->Module Admin
  • Click the Menu Item Group Auth buttonOn the resulting screen use the "Delete" link to remove authorizations for the desired menu/group combination.

To remove a user from a group:

  • Login to MarkView Home as an administrator
  • Select Administration->MarkView Admin
  • Click the User Groups tab
  • Click the Details button for the relevant group
  • Click the User Group Members tab
  • Click the Details button for the relevant user
  • Click the Delete button
Note-Icon.png Please Note: You must test this system change in a DEV/TEST environment first, and ensure that the appropriate users will still have access to the other needed menu options.

For all systems changes, including upgrades, Kofax Technical Support requires that you follow these steps.

For issues that arise during a system change, Kofax Technical Support will troubleshoot and diagnose the issue with the assumption that these steps have been (or are being) followed.

  1. Plan the change in a DEV/TEST environment
  2. Ensure that a valid backup of the target environment exists, and that there is a recovery plan should things go wrong
  3. Install the system change in a quiet environment
  4. Compile all invalid objects
  5. Unit test
  6. Arrange for User Acceptance Test and regression test of existing functionality
  7. Plan for promotion to Production

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