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MarkView Import Server - Import Server fails if it loses connection to database while processing a file

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Applies To

  • ERP System: All
  • MarkView Version: 6.1.2 and earlier


  • If the MarkView Import Server loses its database connection, users may see multiple messages in the Event Log stating:
    Database connection will be retried at 1 minute intervals
  • The Import Server then fails with an error and must be restarted.
  • Here is an example scenario:
    1. Import service is running and DB connection is up
    2. Place a file in the Import directory
    3. The import server processes the file
    4. Database/network connection is lost
    5. Reconnect to the network
    6. Place a file in the Import directory
    7. Import server reports failure and will continue to report failures until you manually restart the service

Known Causes

  • This is a known issue (SPR0082240) which was corrected in the MarkView 6.1.3 release
    With the 5.10.2 patchset, all loss of database connection scenarios had been addressed with the exception of a database bounce.
    That is, a database bounce will still result in the described incorrect behavior and require users to manually restart the service.

Keywords: 23909, SPR00082240