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MarkView Import Server - The file exists error in Event log prevents service start

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Applies To

  • ERP System: All
  • MarkView Version: All


  • The Import Server will not start.
  • When an attempt is made to start it, the status shown for the service remains "Starting". No files are processed; no files show up in the Import Server Success or Error directories.
  • A "The file exists" error in some of the Import Server entries in the Application Event log.
    The error appears in the Event log as:
    System.IO.IOException: The file exists
         at MVImport.ImageUtils.MultiTIFF2SingleTIFFs(String multiTIFF, String[]& singleTIFFs)
         at MVImport.Service1.ProcessFile(String trigger_file_name, String file_mode).

Known Causes

  • The Import Server needs to create a .tmp file in a temp directory. It uses a Windows API (System.IO.GetTempFileName) to do this. If there are more than 65535 files in that temp directory, or if the API is unable to create a unique filename it will raise an error.


  • The following steps may resolve the problem:
    • Stop the Import Server (you will likely have to use Task Manager to kill the process (MVImport.exe)
    • Delete old files from the temp directory.
  • The following directories are common locations where the Temporary files may be found.
    • C:\Temp
    • C:\windows\temp
    • C:\document and settings\default user\temp
    • C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Local Settings\Temp
  • If there are not a large number of files in the Temp directory you will want to search you system for .tmp files to determine what temporary directory has grown to a point of being too large.
  • Once you have determined what directory this is you can then remove the temporary files from that directory.
  • Restart the Import Server
  • At this point the service should start successfully, but if there is a large number of files in the Input Directory (80 or more) the Import Server may not finish initializing before the Windows Service Manager reaches a timeout. In that case, a 1053 error will occur. This does not necessarily mean that the Import Server is not working. It is necessary to check the Input Directory to see if any of the files were processed.
  • If the Import Server did process files AND it threw the 1053 error, it will need to be restarted again. Eventually all of the files should be processed and the Import Server will be able to complete initialization.
  • If clearing the old .tmp files out of the temp directory does not resolve the problem, please log an incident with Kofax Technical Support and note that you have tried the steps in this Answer.

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