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"java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.opensaml.soap.soap11.impl.BodyBuilder" message encountered when installing MarkView into a WebLogic 12.2 environment or upgrading WebLogic to 12.2

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Question / Problem: 

I have installed/upgraded WebLogic Server to version 12.2x and the MarkView managed server does not start. The following error occurs when trying to deploy frameworks.ear:

Target state: deploy failed on Server markview_server
java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.opensaml.soap.soap11.impl.BodyBuilder

Answer / Solution: 

WebLogic loads OpenSAML jar from its own modules rather than loading from the war embedded in frameworks.ear. The OpenSAML shipped with WebLogic 12.2 is incompatible with the one required by MarkView.

1) Check whether the following file exists in your WebLogic environment:

2) If the file does exist, take the following steps.
a) Shutdown markview_server and WebLogic
b) Rename the file /wlserver/modules/ to /wlserver/modules/
c) Startup WebLogic and then markview_server
d) If the deployments do not start automatically, try to start them manually; mvastrs first, frameworks next then the others in an


Applies to:  

Product Version Category
WebLogic 12.2  
MarkView 9.1+  


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