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MarkView Installer : Fix Pack Installer fails in Wildfly environment with "The Oracle Driver file does not exist"

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Installing a Fix Pack in an environment running Wildfly fails with the following entries in the installer logs:

DEBUG com.markview.installer.resource.JBossAppServer  adminUserName = jboss jbossLocation = C:\Kofax\wildfly host = <hostname> adminPort = <port> httpPort = <http_port> isDeploy = Install Wildfly oracleDriverPath = <fix_pack_installer_path>\distr\ojdbc6- domain = ...

ERROR com.markview.installer.resource.JBossAppServer  
com.markview.installer.InstallerException: The Oracle Driver file does not exist
    at com.markview.installer.resource.JBossAppServer.validate(
    at com.markview.installer.antinstaller.ResourceMapper.validate(



The error indicates that the installer cannot find the path to the OJDBC driver file and the debug statement shows that the "Install Wildfly" option is selected.

Re-run the Fix Pack installer with the "Install Wildfly" option cleared.


Applies to:  

Product Version
MarkView 8.2 and Later