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Packages MV_ADMIN_EXP_SERVER MV_ADMIN_EXP_QUEUE are invalid after Markview 10.2 Installation or Upgrade

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Question / Problem: 

After upgrading to Kofax Markview 10.2 the packages MV_ADMIN_EXP_SERVER and MV_ADMIN_EXP_QUEUE are invalid. 

Answer / Solution: 

  • If your MarkView environment does not include Document Library, an install of (or upgrade to) MarkView 10.2 will encounter 2 invalid packages.
  • The packages are invalid because they reference Document Library objects which are not present.
  • The invalid package names are MV_ADMIN_EXP_SERVER and MV_ADMIN_EXP_QUEUE
  • The Document Library references include MVRM_ADMIN_UTIL.LISTITEMLIST_T
  • This defect is resolved by applying the latest fix pack for MarkView for Oracle 10.2. Download the latest fix pack here


Applies to:  

Product Version
Kofax Markview for Oracle



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