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How do I enable / disable invoice lines creation in Oracle for the Non-PO and Pre-Approved invoices that are validated in KTM ?

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Question / Problem:

In MarkView 10 and higher, any Non-PO or Pre-Approved invoices validated in KTM will have their lines exported to Oracle by default. Customers who want to disable this feature should follow the steps below?

Answer / Solution: 

1- From the Project Builder, open the KTM project that is assigned to the target batch class.

2- From the Project Tab, click on “Script Variables”.

3- Find the variable AfterExtractDeleteLineItems and change the value from false to true.

4- Save and close.

5- Re-sync the batch class and republish it then test with a new batch.

Applies to:  

Product Version Category
MarkView 10.x Oracle



Author:  Mahmoud Abualsoud

06/12/2019 - Published

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