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MarkView KTM Project - Automatic Learning Does Not Work

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Applies To

  • MarkView Version: MarkView 8.0


  • The MarkView Validation form is used to correct extracted data, by selecting the correct data for a given field on the image. This should teach KTM how to find the correct data on subsequent invoices. In the MarkView 8.0 KTM project this does not work correctly, and KTM does not learn how to look at the correct location on subsequent images.

Known Causes

There is a defect in the script for the MarkView project.


  • The following code change needs to be made to the project script, then the project needs to be synchronized to the batch class, and then the batch class needs to be published.

The OLL_DocumentValidated Sub procedure in the Markview project script contains the following condition:
If ExtractedFieldChanged > 0 Then

This should be changed to:
If ExtractedFieldChanged Then

Please contact MarkView Technical Support if you require assistance to implement this fix.

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