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MarkView KTM Validation - Slowness with the instant search tools in the KTM Validation screen such as the one for the contacts field (F9)

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Question / Problem: 

Extreme slowness with the immediate search tools in KTM Validation screen, such as the one for the contacts field (F9).

Searching for a contact by typing character by character might take 30-40 seconds.

Answer / Solution: 

1- The short term solution is to disable the "instant search" option for this field in the KTM project:

Open the KTM Project in the Project Builder > Expand "Project Class" from the tree on the left > Expand "Classes" > Right click on "Invoice" > Customize Validation Form > "Buttons" tab >  select the button "F9 - Contacts" > Expand "Database Lookup" from the panel on the right > and change the option "Instant Search" from true to false.

Save the project, re-sync each batch class and re-publish it.

This way the search tool will not be instant, it will search only when you finish typing the name and click on search.

2- For the long term solution, you need to check If the "Windows Indexing" feature is added to the server and it is turned on also it does index the KTM database files which include the contacts.txt file.

The location of thecontacts file can be found from :
Open the KTM Project in the Project Builder > Project Settings > Database Tab > and find the "Contacts" item> Location is under the second column.

Make sure that the indexing service includes this location from the Control Panel > Indexing Options.

Note: On some servers with different hardware specifications, turning off the indexing service gives better search performance, so If the indexing was already turned on, try to turn it off and see If that makes the search faster. 

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