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Supplier list on Validation screen of MarkView KTM Project is not returning values

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The supplier list in the Validation screen is not returning values.

Known Causes

There is a Supplier list that is used in KTM to corroborate supplier names that are read in by the OCR process. This list is kept in a file that, by default, is named Vendors.txt. The exact name and path of this file can be found by opening Project Builder, selecting Project Settings, and clicking the Databases tab. There will be a "Vendors" Database listed here, along with its path. The file listed in this path must exist and must be in the correct format in order for KTM to be able to read it in as a Supplier list. By clicking "Properties" for the Vendors database, and looking in the "Import Options" section, you can see what the expected format for the Vendors.txt file is. By default, it will expect semicolons as delimiters and it will use double quotes to contain field data.

The Vendors.txt file is generated by the Data Export Server; the file is created in the location described by the "Output Folder" value in the Data Export Server Preferences, and with the name that is given in the "Output File" value. This process is run at intervals, as specified in the "Database Polling Interval" in the Data Export Server Preferences. By default, this process is run once per day. The format of the Vendors.txt file is specified in the file that is given by the "XSL Transform" preference value.


If the supplier list in Validation is empty, or is not current, the following checklist should be used to determine the cause:

  • Verify the Data Export Service is Started and is running frequently enough to provide a current supplier list. If it is not, the service should be restarted.
  • Verify the Data Export Service's output file exists in the correct location and that its last modified timestamp is current.
  • Verify that the location of the Vendors.txt file that is generated by the Data Export Service matches the location that the Xtrata/KTM project is looking in, and verify that the filename values match as well.
  • Open the Vendors.txt file in a text editor and verify that the format of the file matches the format specified in the "Import Options" section of the Vendors database properties. If the format does not match, the "XSL Transform" file is probably not generating the expected format.
  • View the Windows Event log to see if there are any errors recorded by the Data Export Service

Information on configuration of the Data Export Server can be found in the Install Guide specific to your version of MarkView.

Applies To

  • MarkView Version: All MarkView versions when used with KTM