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Batches with 0 pages go to Quality Control with error ORA-20101: This document does not have a cover page and no Document Type is specified

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Question / Problem: 

Batches with 0 pages go to Quality Control with the following error:

ORA-20101: This document does not have a cover page, and no Document Type is specified

Answer / Solution: 

All batches exporting to MarkView must have at least 1 page. If a batch doesn't have at least one page, this would be the expected behavior. The batch should be deleted and re-sent with an attachment containing pages. 

To help prevent this issue from happening, KIC could be configured to ignore messages that do not contain attachments.

Go to KCPlugin > Destination > Advanced Conversion and Import > Document Conversion Options > 'Skip converting files with size(in bytes) less than'. Enter a value of '1'.  

Under Import Options >'Skip importing files with size(in bytes) less than', enter a value of '1'.


Additionally, under the Additional settings tab, you have the option to modify the Error handling & Document conversion errors sections.

Error handling >Handling of partially imported or incomplete messages: This can be set to Import message, reject message, or import message and send to QC. 

Document conversion errors > Send batch to Quality Control if document conversion fails (this box can be checked).



If you confirm the attachment is not the issue, meaning the pdf attached to the inbound email is valid/has pages, and your KIC settings are correct per the above, then check the following:

  • Test via scan in Batch Manager to rule out a KIC issue.
  • If the problem happens for both scanned and emailed batches, it's likely an xslt issue.


Example for MarkView Document Instance (Non-KTM): 




Example for MarkView Invoice Instance (KTM / Connector workflows):

Note the 2 distinct xslt files used for Parse and Import:

Parse - (KofaxCapture82parse.xslt): 


Import - (KofaxCapture82importserver.xslt): 





  • As always, Kofax Technical Support recommends testing in Non-Production environments prior to making any changes to Production. 
  • It is possible for other sources, such as third party monitoring software, to delete images mid-batch-creation, which could also result with the 0 pages condition. 
  • Applies to:  

Product Version
MarkView for Oracle 9.1+ 



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