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Kofax Capture Export Connector Hotfix COD172 - Resolves an issue where in larger batches pages are uploaded out of order.

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This patch addresses the following issue:

SPR00066533 - Scanning batches into MarkView with KC 9 causes pages to upload out of order.

Files Included with this Patch


To apply this patch, please refer to instructions in readme file in the hotfix distribution.

Additional Notes:

  • The batch classes need to be published after applying the patch to the server. The DLL file needs to be registered on ALL scan stations.
  • In a Remote Site of a KCNS based installation of Kofax Capture, the Kofax Capture Administration module will not be available. In these circumstances, it is necessary to use Microsoft's REGASM utility to register the new version of Kofax.Connector.MarkView.dll.

    REGASM is found in the .NET Framework folder, for example:

    At the command prompt run the utility as follows -
    regasm <full path to the DLL>\Kofax.Connector.MarkView.dll

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