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Kofax MarkView - "PDF's not properly recognized by MarkView Email Import".

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FIX1074 addresses SPR00079929 - "PDF's not properly recognized by MarkView Email Import".

It modifies Kofax MarkView Email Import, including a new PDF conversion library.

Applies To

  • Kofax MarkView 6.4.0 for Oracle
  • Kofax MarkView 6.4.0 for SAP
  • Kofax MarkView 6.5.0 for Oracle
  • Kofax MarkView 6.5.0 for SAP
  • Kofax MarkView 6.5.1 for SAP

Installation Instructions


*NOTE You will need to download the new Activation Jar file from the Kofax Delivery

  1. Go to the e-deilvery website:
  2. Select Kofax MarkView as the Product
  3. Select version 3.0 as the version
  4. Select Filter
  5. Download the item "MarkView Email Import".
  6. Replace your old filecapture-activation.jar file with the one you downloaded above.

Follow the instructions in the included Readme file, to install this hotfix.


This patch should only be installed into existing MarkView 6.3.0, 6.4.0, 6.5.0, and 6.5.1 installations.

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