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MarkView - Migrating with a Oracle based Capture Schema

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Applies To

MarkView Version: 6.5 and Above Kofax Capture 9 and above

Finding your Schema:

If your Kofax Capture database is stored in the same Oracle Database as your MarkView schema, you will need to back this up prior to cloning the environment. You can determine which instance is hosting the non-prod Kofax Capture Server by leveraging the DBUtil.exe to confirm which database instance the Kofax Capture server is pointed to. Follow the steps below only if the instance you are cloning over is the instance configured in DBUtil.


  1. Ensure that all batches for Central and remote sites in Batch Manager are removed. You can process or delete all in-process batches through Batch Manager.
  2. Shut down the Kofax Capture services
  3. Backup the non-prod Kofax Capture schema (and KCAR schema, if applicable), this is the schema that is mentioned in the "Finding Your Schema" section above. You will need this schema to restore back to after cloning has been done as this capture schema will retain the information for the Capture server.
  4. Complete the cloning process - this will replace the Kofax Capture schema in the non-prod environment with a copy of the production Capture schema.
  5. Restore the non-prod Kofax Capture schema from the backup (see step #3 above).
  6. Start up the Kofax Capture services

Following these steps, the Kofax Capture configuration settings should remain intact and no additional changes should be needed. Not following these steps may result in having to re-do all your configurations, rebuilding the database and losing existing batches

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