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MarkView All Components - Procedure for exporting and re-importing batches into Kofax Capture

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Applies To

  • ERP System: All
  • MarkView Version: All
  • Kofax Captue Version: 9 to 10.2


  • Batches created on a given period do not export correctly from Kofax Capture into MarkView.
  • In some circumstances it is necessary to re-start processing of a batch in Kofax Capture.

Know Causes

  • An issue within the system prevented exporting batches correctly on a given period of time.
  • If the Windows Regional Settings date format on a Scan Station was incorrect, this might prevent a batch from being exported to MarkView (see Article 12245 - "MarkView Import Server - Troubleshooting Guide"). However, once the problem has been corrected, existing batches would still fail to export to MarkView since the data format of their "BatchCreationDate" field would still be invalid.


  • In order to rectify this, it would be necessary to re-import the batch into Kofax Capture, thereby setting a new value for the BatchCreationDate field.
  • Run the Kofax Capture Batch Removal and Export Utility (BRU). This can be downloaded from the following location:
  • Note that there are separate links for the BRU for Kofax Capture 11.1, for Kofax Capture 10.1 to 11.0, and for Kofax Capture 10.0. It is important to ensure that the correct version is downloaded.
    • When the BRU has started, select the batch(es) to export
    • Click on the "Options" tab
    • Check the "Backup Batch Images" box
    • Enter a path to a folder for the backup images: please choose a folder in the root of the C:\ drive - e.g. C:\My KC backup - rather than in a Users folder.
    • Check the "Backup Batch databases" box
    • Check the "Create Batch XML Files" box
    • Enter a path to a folder for the XML files: please choose a folder in the root of the C:\ drive - e.g. C:\ACXMLAID - rather than in a Users folder.
    • Check the "Unreleased Documents only" box
    • Check the "Write Credentials to XML Files" box
    • Enter the User name and password for the relevant Kofax Capture User Profile to be used as the Scan user.
    • Uncheck the "Preserve Batches (Batches will not be removed from Kofax Capture)" box

Please note that at the next step the selected batches will be removed from the Kofax Capture database. Therefore it is essential to make sure that the correct batches were selected

  • From the menus select Batch -> Process
  • Run the XML Auto Import utility (acxmlai.exe) using the following command from the Kofax Capture Bin folder:
    acxmlai -gui -polldir:"C:\ACXMLAID" -l:"C:\ACXMLAID\logfile.txt
    (assuming that the XML was saved to C:\ACXMLAID)

Monitor the log output displayed in the ACXMLAI GUI to ensure that all batches are imported correctly.


Please note that when all the batches have been processed it will continue to open and close the XML files. This is expected 

  • the batches will not get re-processed.
  • When all the copied batches have been successfully re-imported, processed through Kofax Capture and exported to MarkView, close the ACXMLAI tool and delete the original batches in the QC queues.

Kofax recommend trying out the procedures above with some "test" batches before trying them on real data

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