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MarkView Export Connector- Obtaining the full error message when a MarkView Export Connector fails

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An error is seen in Kofax Capture Export but it is incomplete and ends with ...


Follow the steps below in order to gather the full error message:

  1. Open the Batch Manager
  2. Select the batch that is in quality control with the error13145_1.JPG
  3. Click process
  4. When the batch opens in quality control, there will be a document notes field that contains the error13145_2.JPG
  5. Please select the entire error message from that field, copy it, and then paste it into a notepad window.  Once you have the full error message please review the articles below that have common error messages and resolutions13145_3.JPG

Common Errors / Resolutions:

Export to MarkView fails with "ORA-20956: Invalid MarkView Process User ID

Kofax Capture - Export error: MV_DOC_CREATION_USER_ID_FK constraint - parent key not found

Applies to:  

Product Version

Kofax Capture


9 and above

6.5 and above