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MarkView Export Connector- Obtaining the full error message when a MarkView Export Connector fails



An error is seen in Kofax Capture Export but it is incomplete and ends with ...


Follow the steps below in order to gather the full error message:

  1. Open the Batch Manager
  2. Select the batch that is in quality control with the error13145_1.JPG
  3. Click process
  4. When the batch opens in quality control, there will be a document notes field that contains the error13145_2.JPG
  5. Please select the entire error message from that field, copy it, and then paste it into a notepad window.  Once you have the full error message please review the articles below that have common error messages and resolutions13145_3.JPG

Common Errors / Resolutions:

Export to MarkView fails with "ORA-20956: Invalid MarkView Process User ID

Kofax Capture - Export error: MV_DOC_CREATION_USER_ID_FK constraint - parent key not found

Applies to:  

Product Version

Kofax Capture


9 and above

6.5 and above