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MarkView - KC - KTM Integration - The “Document Type” list of values under the MarkView custom panel does not populate any values during the manual classification

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Applies To

  • ERP System: All
  • MarkView Versions: All


When you login into Kofax Capture Batch Manager and scan/import a MarkView document/invoice, you are not getting any values populated under the “Document Type” list of values during the manual classification.

Known Causes

The user has logged in into Kofax Capture Batch manager using an account that doesn’t have any associated account in MarkView.


  • Whether you need to login into Kofax Capture Batch Manager with an account that has got an associated account defined in MarkView with the (scan users) group assigned.
  • Or you need to create an MarkView account with the same username and assign the (scan users) group to the user account.

Keywords: Document Type, LOV, Custom, Panel