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MarkView Viewers - MarkView Concurrent Usage

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Applies To

  • ERP System: Oracle, SAP
  • MarkView Version: All Versions


In certain situations customers may wish to know how many concurrent users are using the MarkView Viewers. Note: This Article only measures use of the MarkView Viewers ( MarkView Enterprise Edition and MarkView Express as well as the new Viewer introduced in MarkView 7.0 . It does not measure use of any other MarkView components.)

Concurrent Usage Scripts

  • MarkView 6.x and earlier
    • concurrent-usage.sql
  • MarkView 7.0 and higher (Note this script is currently Oracle ERP Specific)
    • concurrent-usage-mv7.sql

Running the Script

  • The tool is packaged as a script that is intended to be run within Oracle SQL*Plus. It can be invoked from the command line as:
    • sqlplus USER/PWD@prod-env @concurrent-usage.sql
      • The USER and PWD connection credentials should be to the MarkView database schema. This is often called 'markview'.
      • You will then be prompted for the start and end dates of the window to report on:
        • Reporting Period Start (DD-MON-YYYY): 01-FEB-2007
        • Reporting Period End (DD-MON-YYYY): 14-FEB-2007
    • The reported results will include usage across the specified days, inclusive (e.g., in this example, usage on Feb. 1 and 14 will be included in the report, along with all days in between).
    • The tool will take approximately 1-2 minutes to run for each day in the reporting period. That is, this example could take 15-30 minutes.

Reading the Script Output:

The tool will not produce any output while it is running, until it has completely calculated it's results, at which point it will print out a report in the following form:

MarkView Total Use Report - 2008-05-19
file:///C:/Kapow_temp/CRMKB/snapshots/4285/index.html 1/3
====================================P=o=r=ta=l=K=n=o=w=l=e=dge Base · Customer Portal Reporting Period: 2007-02-01 through 2007-02-14
Registered User Count: 3346
Active User Count: 182
Maximum Total Use: 16 Users,at 13-FEB-2007 15:00
Concurrent Session Details =================================================== Date Max Total Sessions
2007-02-01 13
2007-02-02 10
2007-02-03 0
2007-02-04 0
2007-02-05 12
2007-02-06 12
2007-02-07 11
2007-02-08 13
2007-02-09 14
2007-02-10 0
2007-02-11 0
2007-02-12 13
2007-02-13 16
2007-02-14 14 

This report contains the following elements:

  • The Header indicates the date that the report was run.
  • Reporting Period is the date range for the report.
  • Registered User Count contains the number of registered MarkView users as of the start date on the report. Users that were deactivated within MarkView as of the starting report date are not included in this count.
  • Active User Count is the number of unique users that used the MarkView system during the reporting period.
  • Maximum Total Use is the peak total usage count during the reporting period, including the date and time that it was first encountered.
  • Total Session Details lists the maximum total use recorded on each day during the reporting period.




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