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How to configure the list of values presented when pressing the DocType button

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When a user presses the DocType button in the MarkView Working Folder or Previously Entered form, they are presented with a list of document types to which the current MarkView document can be changed. Is it possible to configure the system such that users are potentially presented with different lists of values when the button is pressed?


Technical Note:

The underlying view used for the LOV is MV_USER_ENABLED_DOC_TYPE_PRIVS. You can duplicate the behavior of the LOV in SQL*Plus by querying by USER_ID and the given PRIVILEGE_CODE (MVOA_CHANGE_DOC_TYPE for the WF and MVOA_PI_CHANGE_DOC_TYPE for Previously Entered).

From MarkView Administration, document types can be configured with different privilege authorizations. For the Working Folder the privilege that controls what is seen in the list of values is "Ability to change to this type" and for Previously Entered it is "Change type from Prev Entered." These privileges can be authorized for different MarkView groups and this will cascade to the users that are members of that group. Setting the authorization type to Y for these combinations will cause the document type to show up in the user's list of values in the form.

Keywords: doctype,working,folder,previously,entered,list of values,LOV

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