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MarkView All Components - How to prevent pending email notifications from being sent


The New Mail queue contains several pending e-mail notifications. How can I prevent these from being e-mailed to users? 3995

This situation can occur if you plan to point the Kofax SQL*Flow Mail Gateway at a test instance for the first time.

To prevent the messages in the New Mail queue from being e-mailed, perform the following prior to starting the Kofax SQL*Flow Mail Gateway:

  1. Log in to SQL*Plus as the owner of the MarkView schema.
  2. Run the attached RouteNewMailToCompleteMail.SQL script. This script transitions messages in the New Mail Queue to the? Complete Mail queue. (Messages in the Complete Mail queue won't be sent.)

Note: There are certain occasions when you wish to prevent only certain old Mail messages in the New Mail queue from being sent. In this instance, you can use the attached RouteNewMailPriorToDateToCompleteMail.sql script. It will prompt you for a cut off date and route all items in the New Mail queue, with an enqueued_timestamp prior to that date, to the Complete Mail queue.

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