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MarkView Mobile Viewer - Please check your network connection when saving a comment.

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Applies To

  • ERP System: All
  • MarkView Version: and higher


  • After entering a comment with a double quote ( " ) character in the MarkView Mobile Viewer the end user will be presented with the following error message:
    Please check your network connection
  • Additionally when this error occurs the following information can be found in the log file:
    Request denied due to content. The following information has been extracted from the Request: Remote User: null...

Known Causes

  • This issue occurs as a result of a known issue where the double quote character ( " ) cannot be used in the comments section of the Mobile Viewer ( Issue Number: 565035)


  • Users using the MarkView Mobile Viewer should not use the double quote ( " ) character when entering comments.
  • The MarkView Product Development team is reviewing this for a product fix in a future release of the product.

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