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OCR Invoice - What diagnostic steps should I follow and what information should I gather when there is an issue with MarkView OCR Invoice?

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Applies To

  • OCR System: Kofax Capture
  • MarkView: Versions 5.5 to 6.4
  • ERP System: Oracle E-Business Suite


MarkView OCR Invoice extracts data from TIFF files, validates this data and populates the ERP system with that data. This reduces the amount of effort and resources required to enter invoices into the ERP system.

Troubleshooting Steps

If you encounter an issue with MarkView OCR Invoice, please perform the following steps:

Confirm the Connector Export DBMS Job is running

  • Use the "Process Manager DBMS Job Admin" feature in Support Tools to see a list of DBMS jobs running in the MarkView schema. Locate the job that runs the Connector Export server. This job contains the following string in the "what" column, where CONNECTOR_EXPORT_SERVER is the name of the Export Server that is configured for MarkView Connector:
        begin mv_export_svr.PollAndProcessAll('CONNECTOR_EXPORT_SERVER');
  • Check that the value for this job in the "Broken" column is "N" in order to confirm that this job is still running.

Confirm files are being uploaded to the XML Auto Import Polling directory

  • Determine which directory MarkView Export Server is uploading files into. To do this, run the following query. The relevant directory is given in the EXPORT_LOCATION_URL column in the following query:
        select * from mvcn_export_config;
  • Determine which directory XML Auto Import is polling on. To do this, find the command that is starting the acxmlai process. This will either be a service that has a name containing "XML Auto Import" or it will be contained in a batch file that is used to start the process. If the process is run as a service, check the "Path to executable" value of that service. If it is run by a batch file, check the acxmlai command in the file. The command will be similar to the following, and the polling directory is given by the "-PollDir" parameter:
    acxmlai -Poll:10 -u:ADMIN -PollDir:"C:\MarkView ocrInvoice\forOCR" -ControlDir:"C:\MarkView 
    ocrInvoice\forOCR\Control" -v -l:"C:\MarkView ocrInvoice\forOCR\Log\Log.txt" -MoveError:"C:\MarkView 
  • Verify that these two directories are the same location.

Confirm the XML Auto Import (acxmlai) processing is running

  • Open the Windows Task Manager, and confirm that the "acxmlai" process is running. This process is responsible for importing TIFF files into Kofax Ascent so that they can be OCR'd

Confirm the MarkView Import Server is running and processing files

  • View the Event Log on the OCR machine and check the events related to the Import Server. Check for any errors and also check to confirm that files are being successfully processed.

Confirm the Connector Process Manager is processing events

  • Identify the Process Manager ID that is responsible for processing MarkView Connector events. To do this, use the "Events" feature in Support Tools to see a list of events and the Managers they are assigned to. All events that start with "MVCN" are MarkView Connector events.
    Note-Icon.png Note the Manager ID related to these events.
  • Use the "Process Manager DBMS Job Admin" feature in Support Tools to see a list of DBMS jobs running in the MarkView schema. Locate the job that runs the Manager identified above. This will be the job that contains the string "Manager => x", where x is the Manager ID from above

Enable Debug Logging

Follow the instructions in the below Article in order to enable debug logging and get debugging data related to a specific MarkView Connector item.

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