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MarkView All Components - How to use the Oracle Jinitiator Java Console

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  • It is sometimes necessary to gather debug information from the Java Console in order to troubleshoot cases.


The Jinitiator Java Console contains valuable information, such as what server files are downloaded for running Oracle Applications, and a detailed call stack for any errors encountered.

To enable the Java Console window, select the option under the Jinitiator Control Panel.

Be sure to enable the Java Console for the correct Jinitiator version that is being used for Oracle Applications.

The Start Menu shortcut will be named something like:
Jinitiator Control Panel <version>

with <version> being the version of Jinitiator (e.g., etc.)

  1. Navigate to Start->Programs->Jinitiator Control Panel <version>
  2. On the Basic tab, check 'Show Java Console'.

When you launch Oracle Applications, the Java Console window will appear as a popup.

With most versions of the Java Console popup, you can select text, and copy to the clipboard using the standard copy keys (ctl-c or ctl- insert). (Some versions provide buttons for copying the text output.)

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