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MarkView Oracle Integration - Cannot Compile MarkView Libraries / Compiling MarkView Libraries Causes Errors

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Applies To

  • ERP System: ( Oracle )
  • MarkView Version: (All versions.)


  • Attempting to compile Markview libraries such as mvoautil.pll causes unhandled exceptions in Oracle

Known Causes

  • Kofax Markview Libraries for Oracle should not be compiled by customers.


  • Kofax ships MarkView for Oracle Applications library stubs to enable customers to compile Oracle forms that make use of MarkView for Oracle Applications functionality. However, these library stubs contain no source code, and so cannot be compiled. Customers should never recompile MarkView for Oracle Applications libraries (e.g. MVOAUtil.pll), and should take care to ensure that the compiled MarkView for Oracle Applications libraries (for example, MVOAUtil.plx) that Kofax provides are not inadvertently deleted.

Keywords: mvoautil, mvviewer, mvfolder, sfapi, pll, plx