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MarkView Oracle Integration - Choosing a customer value for SF_TOP can result in an error opening forms.



Applies To

  • ERP System: Oracle
  • MarkView Version: 6.1.3 and earlier


  • The MarkView Installer does prompt users for the SF_TOP when installing the MarkView Oracle Forms Server Components. However, the Installer does NOT prompt for the SF_TOP when doing the MarkView Application Server and Database Components install.
    This does not cause any issue if the default SF_TOP is used. However, if a custom SF_TOP is used, the data seeded into FND_APPLICATION will still have the default value of SF_TOP, resulting in the forms in this directory not being found.

Known Causes

  • This is a known issue (reference SPR00063518) with an effective workaround.


  • The following is an effective workaround:
    While logged in as the APPS database user, manually update the BASEPATH in the FND_APPLICATION table to match the environment variable set by the forms installer. Such an update would be similar to the following.
        dummy_rowid Varchar2(1000);
        n_application_id Number;
        select distinct(application_id)
        into n_application_id
        from fnd_application_tl
        where application_name = 'SQL*Flow';
            X_APPLICATION_ID => n_application_id
            ,X_APPLICATION_SHORT_NAME => upper('xxsf')
            ,X_BASEPATH => 'XXSF_TOP'
            ,X_APPLICATION_NAME => 'SQL*Flow'
            ,X_DESCRIPTION => 'SQL*Flow'
            ,X_LAST_UPDATE_DATE => sysdate
            ,X_LAST_UPDATED_BY => 0
            ,X_LAST_UPDATE_LOGIN => 0);

Keywords: sf-top, sf top