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MarkView Oracle Integration - Could not determine workflow function for form (SFXWKFDR) and block (WORKING_FOLDER). Oracle Entity that Cannot Access MarkView Working Folder Form in Oracle

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Applies To

  • ERP System: Oracle
  • MarkView Version: All


  • An Entity in Oracle that cannot access the MarkView Working Folder form in Oracle. When a user in that Entity / with that Responsibility clicks on the MarkView Workflow->Working Folder menu item, the form opens with the following error:
  • Could not determine workflow function for form (SFXWKFDR) and block (WORKING_FOLDER).
  • Other Entities / Responsibilities are not encountering this problem.


  • Check for recent system changes.
  • This behavior may occur when there has been a change in Oracle Responsibilities used, or it may occur due to other system changes.
Note-Icon.png Note: You must check with Kofax Technical Support prior to implementing any changes in the configuration data tables. All changes such as these must go through a proper System Change process, which includes implementation in a DEV / TEST environment, proper User Acceptance and Regression Testing, and planned rollout into PRODUCTION, with a valid backup and recovery plan. Corrective action may require a Kofax Consulting Services engagement for incorrect System Changes.
  • You may need to insert a new record in the 'form block function' table for the appropriate Application and Responsibility. For MarkView 5.x and earlier, this table is called SF_FORM_BLOCK_FUNCTION, for MarkView 6/7, this table is called MVERP_FORM_BLOCK_FUNCTION. Check the 'form block function' table for an entry similar to your target user, with column values of:
  1. Login as the user who is experiencing this issue.
  2. In your Oracle Financials Form, please select the Help->Diagnostics->Examine tab.
    • You will be prompted to enter your Oracle Password.
    • Once you have entered this password, you will be provided with a form. For the Block value, please select: $Profiles$
    • For the Item value, select RESP_APPL_ID, and note the value.
    • For the Item Value, select RESP_ID, and note the value.
  3. Run the following query (MV 5.x and earlier): select * from sf_form_block_function or (MV 6/7) select * from mverp_form_block_function
  4. Compare the RESPONSIBILITY_ID values and APPLICATION_ID values for the two Entities / Responsibilites (one that does not encounter this problem with one that does). Once you compare these records, you may be able to determine what is missing in the setup.

Note: Values of -1 are treated as a global default. If no other record exists with the appropriate APPLICATION_ID and RESPONSIBILITY_ID, then a record with APPLICATION_ID = -1 and RESPONSIBILITY_ID = -1 is used.

  1. You may need to add a record in this table with the APPLICATION_ID and RESPONSIBILITY_ID which you obtained in steps 2c and 2d, respectively, for the 'SFXWKFDR' form. (You can fill in the remaining columns for this record with the same values as are used for another WORKING_FOLDER / 'SFXWKFDR' record). If this is the case, the new record would need to be added through the Module Admin interface in the MarkView Home.
    • e.g. MarkView 7: MarkView Home -> Module Admin -> Organizations -> Configuration -> Form Block Function Mappings

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