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MarkView Oracle Integration - Function Responsibility Error When Opening Forms After MarkView Oracle Forms Server Components Install

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Question / Problem: 

After the installation of "MarkView Oracle Forms Server Components" on AIX, access to any form under "Invoices" and "Suppliers" in Oracle Apps generates a Function Responsibility error; however, after reversing back to the original forms, everything works fine. 


Answer / Solution: 

The environment variable SF_TOP is not being properly set. By installing as ROOT on AIX, the "env" file that sets up SF_TOP is owned by ROOT; therefore, the Oracle Apps startup script can't execute this. Furthermore, the installation makes an entry in the "env" file to create SF_TOP but doesn't export SF_TOP.

  • To fix the problem, do the following:
  1. Change ownership of the "env" file from ROOT to applmgr .
  2. Edit the "env" file, and place an export directive in front of the definition of SF_TOP. (In other words, explicitly export the definition.)
  3. Restart Oracle Apps.


Applies to:  

Product Version Category
MarkView for Oracle All Oracle Integration



Author:  Louis Gendron. 2019/07/22. Created.